If God is Vindictive…

Is it not enigmatic to say that God is merciful but at the same time, vengeful? Oh of course, many would say that such a characteristic of his is mostly present in Old Testament times where His nature as a Father is nondescript (in a sense). But why is it that, despite all assertions of Him being merciful he still “punishes” those who are supposedly cognisant of truth but still err (Hebrews 10:24-26, this apparently referring to those already inside the “True Church” but have gone wayward)? Why is it that there ought not any more sacrifice for those who have purportedly “known” the truth (implying that of the Gospels) despite God constantly assuring His children of His endless and countless mercies? This is basically mysterious; although, perhaps in some way, fallacious or such blatant irony to be reckoned with?

(Then again, I’m speaking in behalf of my religious orientation which I would fairly describe as restrictive yet unorthodox and cultic in a way.)