This is a website about my random thoughts about religion and other concepts about reality (and otherwise). Usually one-liners, I would not be delving into too many arguments or propositions about causes or metaphysical (note: philosophical) properties that guide the human instinct of being. In this case, therefore, my posts will have their comments turned off. This is so that I 1) may be at peace and not harried enough to engage in discussions that seemingly lead to nowhere; 2) avoid bringing myself onto the perdition of subjective argumentation; 3) deviate from haranguing my flow of thoughts and yes, the intent of this blog to feature honest questions and an express desire to let them out sans judgment.

In this regard, I shall also keep myself from publishing any contact information. I want this blog to live true to my intention, i.e., a venue for my thought processes as well as musings about existence and belief.

Thanks for understanding and happy, uh, reading.

N.B. This site did I decide to name “Incredolous” seemingly as a fusion between purposing to believe in anything (“credo”- Latin for “belief”) and at the same time, my reluctance to do so (referring to incredulity and denotations thereof).

— Shirley