My Stand

Basically, I consider myself a theist but more partial to rationalism. I deign believe in God mostly through logic—even scientific probing—as I desire not to approach the subject of belief through the lens of subjectivity. Faith, for me, is a condition that exists when matter is meant to be proved and that such proving is thought to be of a means for seeking the relevance and preternatural essence of reality. Thus, my predilection is more on proof (whether through abstraction or concretion) and whatever might arise out of proving.

In this regard, I do acknowledge that I am currently going against the tide in reference to my present adherence to a particular belief system that claims itself Christian. As a whole, we are forbidden to doubt; however, being a radical soul as I am (perhaps), doubt has always been, for me, imperative: without doubt, no one could consider comprehending the vast expanse of knowledge beyond what has already been proven or seen. It is through this (namely, tolerating ostracism of doubt from conscious faith) that I decided to embark on a sort of journey aimed at seeking—first and foremost—the relevancy of truth and of the God idea.